Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Salted Terubuk Fish

Sarawak's all - time favourite and very unique souvenir craze is the Salted Terubuk (American Shad) Fish. Visitors would normally come back from Sarawak bearing salted terubuk (nicely wrapped in a box for longer preservation) for their friends and family. One of the favourite fishes in Sarawak, terubuk is full of bones but tasty nevertheless. The trick of the trade is to find the biggest terubuk fish as the bones are larger and easier to dispose. Also available is the terubuk egg, and far more expensive.

Item :
  1. Small Salted Terubuk Fish ( Gred D ).......RM 08.00 per item
  2. Small Salted Terubuk Fish ( Gred C ).......RM 15.00 per item
  3. Small Salted Terubuk Fish ( Gred B ).......RM 18.00 per item
  4. Small Salted Terubuk Fish ( Gred A ).......RM 25.00 per item

Terubuk has a two type catergory. There are also having the non original terubuk . The original terubuk has a good taste than the non original. The non original terubuk can be call as 'simprik'. Simprik is a kind of species type of terubuk but it has not a good taste than the original. The size usually bigger than an original terubuk.

The original terubuk have a medium size than the non terubuk. So how could you to differentiate it to the original?

The original could have a strip with grey colour in it body shape but the non original could have a silver strip. So when you would like to buy the terubuk, ask the seller first whether it really the original one.....

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